Saturday, November 19, 2011

College Finals & Food Network Love

After a long outage, I am finally back online at home here in the backwoods. I feel like I can breathe again. Ahhhhhhhh! I'll spare you the drama, but I'm just relieved that I can log in to my math class at any hour of the day and study in peace and quiet again. Believe me, people, I need all the help I can get. Kidneys Smidneys, ALGEBRA just might be the death of me.

Courtesy of my other-side-of-the-brain, I wrapped up Art History last night, and thankfully I am walking away with a 99 in the class. My instructor worked with me where my condition is concerned. Had I known a museum tour/critique would be required, I wouldn't have taken the class, but I was well accommodated after explaining my situation. My alternate assignment was a research paper on Roman Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora, who was one kick-ass lady.

Think "The King and I" meets "Moulin Rouge" joke. It is a fascinating piece of history, and I made a 100 on the paper.

I also missed a proctored test due to a paralytic episode, but was allowed to make it up a couple weeks later when I was able to drive to the proctor center. So grateful for that, because it saved my grade. Whew. I've been very lucky to have such understanding teachers at MGCCC. In January, I will officially be a Junior, and will take a few more classes there before transferring. I am so antsy because I know the clock is ticking. I can't help but operate with a sense of urgency, but I keep trying to remember to keep my eye on the prize, breathe, and take one day at a time.

Anyway, while offline at home, I got the urge to turn on the television. I know I know...crazy, right? I have a borrowed 13 inch basic-cable-ready TV that I have forgotten about more often than not. I'm a rock music radio geek, and sometimes I even prefer to sit in silence as I'm surfing the world-wide-web. But I turned on the TV a couple months ago, and I immediately fell back in love guessed it...FOOD NETWORK! :-)

Call it irony, since I can't eat anything that these people cook, but my heart hasn't changed. I am forever a food nerd, whether my body agrees or not. There aren't too many shows on too many networks that I can stand these days. On FN, I like everything and everyone. I want to live with Ina Garten she's so comforting. I feel like Paula Deen's neighbor, and let's not forget the Deen boys *smooch* (oops...that smooch came outta nowhere...I swears!), Giada and her "mini-me" Jade are sweet, I gotta love Guy (I voted for him!), and Lord knows how much I love Robert Irvine. If you haven't watched Dinner Impossible or Restaurant Impossible, it is seriously your loss. I'm also a big fan of Good Eats, Sweet Genius, and Chopped. The haters can shove it. These shows rule.

But my favorite at the moment is...

The Next Iron Chef!!!!!

It is my dream come true for FN, because I've wanted to see the stars and judges duke it out in a competition for quite some time. Looks like I wasn't alone in that, and the viewers were heard. The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs is the ultimate challenge. Who knew food could be so exciting?

I just love it. Unlike other competitions, where there is usually a bad apple in the bunch, every one of these people are adorable. I want them all to come to my house in the backwoods and cook and laugh and hang out. Such a great bunch of peeps...all of 'em.

I haven't been this passionate about a TV show in years. I not only refuse to miss an episode, I watch the same episode more than once to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'm reading everyone's banter on various sites, and I'm having a blast following several of these folks on Facebook and Twitter. While I do like everyone on the show, I admit I am rooting for someone in particular:

I adore Robert Irvine

Anne Burrell is hysterically funny

Chuck Hughes is hilarious as well as a cutie-pie

I want to kiss Geoffrey Zakarian's face (but you didn't hear that from me)

And the site of Michael Chiarello has brought back memories of watching Easy Entertaining with my late grandmother. It's a profound feeling...I smile when I see him because I think of my hero. I was my grandmother's part-time caregiver and she didn't have a clue who I was, but she sure thought Michael Chiarello was pretty. Ha! She is the greatest person I've ever known, and I'm grateful to have those memories of her.

But in spite of all of the above, I am on...

That's right, punks! I bet y'all thought I was voting for one of the gorgeous male WRONG! I'm voting for a CHICK! And not just any chick...Alex freakin' Guarnaschelli! She's freakin' awesome! She's gonna freakin' win! Yeeeeesssss!

OK so I don't know if she's gonna win, but dang it I want her to. I just do. I think she really wants it. I think she deserves it. In a perfect world, Alex and I would be BFFs and we would laugh and eat chocolate and she could teach me to cook and I could teach her to paint happy trees although she probably already knows how to paint happy trees since she can do damn near anything. Alex rocks. I'm just saying.

All silliness aside, I'll miss this show when it's over. It has been a fun distraction from the depressing sick-bed I've been merely existing in this year. It's the little things sometimes that make a difference. I'll take whatever I can get to make it through another day, and be thankful.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program. :-)