Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Doc Appointment

I could barely swallow by the time I got to the doc today. My esophagus is weak and feels like it's caving in. I can't lay down and can't even yawn without it trying to close up, causing me to gag and cough. My chest is killing me, and the rest of my body hasn't changed much. Walking with two canes sometimes and in a wheelchair when out and about. Dr. J was very unhappy and quick to give me a referral. Nephrology appointment at University of South Alabama June 30th was the soonest they could give me. Sooner than the appointment in Jackson, though, so we'll see what happens.

Meds have also been switched back to slow potassium citrate at (MDA Neuro) Dr. V's suggestion. The dosage was doubled, and fast potassium is PRN. Citrate does a better job of alkalizing the body than Chloride, apparently, which is what my body is needing since it's incapable of doing it on its own. Having HKPP with the presence of RTA is a serious double whammy, considering that both are primary (whereas HKPP is often secondary in others...I have the familial form).

So now, just waiting again. Lord give me strength.