Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Periodic Paralysis Update

I have yet to recover from my last attack. My entire body head to toe is too heavy to function, and my chest and esophagus still feel like they are caving in. As usual, my heart rate was flipping all over the place during the initial episode of paralysis, but ever since it has been consistently too low. Last night, it dropped to the 50's and stayed there. My "normal" has always been in the 90's.

So early this morning and throughout the day, I have checked my pH and found that urine is 7.0 and saliva is (as usual) in the 5's and 6's. The bad news is that my saliva pH is still too low, as normal saliva pH should also be 7.0. The urine pH of 7.0 is good news because it dropped from 7.5 (confirmed by labs), which indicates that my kidneys are wasting a little less potassium than they were. My low heart rate (55-62) in addition to the change in urine pH told me that I needed to back off the potassium a little, so I have. My physical condition has not changed whatsoever...severe heaviness head to toe, including head, chest, and esophagus. Not walking. Not able to perform basic tasks. What has changed is my heart rate. It has gone from consistently low to normal again (76-95) with occasional too-high-too-low flipping (111-59) like it was doing before. Both the consistently low heart rate as well as the flipping (arrhythmia) are dangerous and have the same end result (heart attack) if not brought under control, so I am not winning that battle right now. I can't help but wonder if I had a mild heart event during my last attack, and will bring it up to the doc when I finally get an appointment. I would jump at the chance at an echocardiogram right now. I think it is greatly needed, but I don't believe I'll ever get one due to inability to pay.

The worst news is that I am absolutely not recovering thus far. Never before have I been in such unstable condition, and my body has felt drastically different since the last two HypoK attacks. The ER is full of good-for-nothing fools and both times I became worse in the long run instead of better. So returning to the ER is senseless and out of the question. I appear to be at a stand-still regardless of my potassium levels, and I don't know what to say about that right now. Nor do I know what to do.

My mom says "God's will be done". I pray that I don't die young because I'm poor. There is so much that I wanted to accomplish in life. Am I really done here?