Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still here...quick update.

It's been over a month now. No big changes over the past week. Having good hours and bad hours.

Good = using two canes to get to the other side of the house.

Bad = feeling like I'm going to die.

Doc appointment with the MDA clinic in Jackson is on as long as my cousin doesn't go into early labor. My aunt and uncle will be in Kansas if she does, but her doc says she's on schedule for the end of the month. (YAY BABIES!)

Still waiting to hear about my TV interview. It's supposed to air sometime this month. I really hope it helps to get the word out about Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis. I will post the video and transcript here when I get it. The Facebook groups are buzzing and we're all learning more from each other every day.

I'm getting as much paperwork together as I can for the new doc. Who knows if he'll even look at it, but I will have it ready for him anyway. I am not taking no for an answer...something's gotta give. I have $200 in the bank and I can't walk, drive, work...I'm in serious desperation mode.

Prayers appreciated that I get the help that I greatly need.