Sunday, May 15, 2011

Infirmary West Mobile

I went into a full Hypokalemic paralytic episode yesterday. Upon arrival all the way through today, I was mocked and mistreated by the nursing staff at Infirmary West. I am contacting an attorney next week, and I will be spreading the word about this hospital and their ignorant, apathetic, abusive, sorry excuse for a nursing staff.

I am home and back to square one, unable to walk despite my potassium level being raised to high-normal. Damage may be permanent.

This has been the worst weekend of my life.

P.S. - I've recently edited this and other entries only because I have since introduced my students to the blog, and while my feelings have not changed toward this hospital's ER staff, I will be keeping the "brutal" side of my honesty on my private blog from now own. Thanks for understanding.