Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm not dead.

But this is one of the longest hiatuses I've ever taken from this blog. I knew my posts would be few and far between, or at least short and sweet for a while. The two short term classes are going...well...they're going. I expect an A in one class and a B or C in the other. As long as I don't drop below a C, I'm in the clear where financial aid is concerned. Just hate to say goodbye to the 4.0, even though I know it's just a number. With Science and Math now on my plate, I knew that time would come.

So I've had my birthday as well as spring break this week, and lucky me, I spent three of those days at Best Buy dealing with my computer. It died a quick and painful death, and I had to go immediately to have my files backed up to an external drive. Then I had to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. Thank God for college money. I was not planning to buy it for another several months, but I have my new Macbook and now trying to figure it out. Mac is a requirement for my Graphics classes coming up, although that's still a year away. At least I have it now, had the money set aside, and scored it for an insanely low price...less than $1000, which is unheard of for a Mac. A couple of expensive software packages to be purchased, and I'll be good to go for school next year.

I will be writing a review of the Geek Squad soon. It's not going to be very pretty. I will also be posting a review of a recent show that I went to, and it's DEFINITELY not going to be pretty. Just a heads up.

I had a post-birthday celebration of sorts, as I spent Friday with friends Andrea, Gabe, and their son Jake. We played at the beach and then they took me to dinner, which was very nice. Really really appreciated that, especially after a very stressful week (month? year? decade?)...

I've been writing elsewhere about a lot of things that have occurred over the past several weeks and months. I'll eventually compile it all into one post and make it public-worthy. I think a lot of people who have experienced disappointment (who hasn't?) will be able to relate to it in some form or fashion. I'm just having a hard time getting my words out right now, so I'm rambling on my private blog until I can find a way to make it all make sense.

It's 2 AM. Time for my last round of potassium for the night, then bed. Talk to you soon.