Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Week, College, and more...

My niece Jo arrived on the 4th. I made the trip to Louisiana to meet her (pics from Louisiana coming soon, but not the baby as I do not have permission) and I made it home just in time to make the trip to Alabama to welcome my cousin Zoe Ann! Both babies were born early, but doing great and sooooo sweet of course. :)

Tomorrow will be a day filled with taxes, taxes, and more taxes. I must get this done, as I begin two short term college classes Monday that are going to kick my butt. I will barely have time to breathe, much less do taxes. I finished my Psychology class early and have a final grade of 109 or something crazy like that. Loved it. In April, I'll pre-register for the upcoming semester. A year of Algebra...God help me...and a couple of electives and I'll finally graduate with an Associate of Arts. I will still be at JC, but only because they offer financial aid and Bishop doesn't. I'll move on to Bishop hopefully NEXT summer, where I will take Painting if it makes enrollment...then begin the Graphic Design degree in the fall. That's the plan, but as we all know by now, it's tentative due to my health and finances.

I'm throwing this in just for fun. I tried not to laugh. It's IMPOSSIBLE. Laughed till I hurt! Cats are so insane.

Talk to you soon.