Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Doc Appointment

I have had a double ear infection since mid November. I was put on Bactrim for 14 days. The infection almost went away, but not quite, and when the meds were done the infection came right back full force. So I called the doc office and they called in another 10 days of Bactrim in December. I took that and the infection started to go away again, but not by the time I finished the meds. I was still under the weather for Christmas and by New Years I was sick in bed again. I called the doc and they wanted me to come back in. Financially impossible as the deposit is $100 and I didn't have it, so I called the low income clinic where my brother works and told them what was going on. They graciously called in more Bactrim and I took it for another 10 days. It did nothing. Over the river and through the woods and phone tag with the doc office for a week, the nurse asked me to come in but the appointment desk would not work me in like she said they would. I finally got my brother involved and I had an appointment less than 24 hours later. It was today.

Dr. A and I discussed my history of chronic ear infections since infancy and how I am no longer fully recovering from them, and he said "you know this can go to your brain, right?" YOU DON'T SAY......

I was quick to let him know that mine and brother's stepbrother died of that very thing 2 years ago at age 29. (For the new folks on my list, Ryan had a tooth infection that spread to his ear, then to his brain where he had a massive stroke and had to eventually be removed from life support)

Dr. A acknowledged the huge red flag and ordered a 1000mg Rocephin injection, X-rays of my ears and sinuses to check for cysts, polyps, fluid, or damage, and an immunoglobulin panel because he believes my immune system is gone at this point. I agree completely.

The immunoglobulin test was $80, and I couldn't pay to have it done, so my brother loaned me the money for it as well as my doc appointment. And bought me lunch at that. I owe the big bro...hero of the day (as he often is).

In addition to the Rocephin injection (which is currently kicking my BUTT), Dr. A prescribed ten days of Cipro, two months of Clindamycin, and Loratadine (which I imagine I'll be taking forever...we'll see).

He said I really need to see an infectious disease specialist, but realizes that isn't financially possible. He's very concerned though and treating this aggressively, which is a far cry from my last visit with him where he didn't want to deal with my HKPP at all. So I'm thankful that he's taking this seriously.

I'll get the immunoglobulin test results next week and post an update.