Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick check-in with pics!

Things are getting rolling where school is concerned, but I'm on schedule so I wanted to say hi before things got crazy.

I am honored to be a featured artist at Many Places Gift Gallery in Long Beach, MS! The grand opening was last Saturday, and we had a great time...

The work was beautifully arranged by a genius of a lady who runs the gallery

My specialty soaps! I've already sold a few bars.

Storm's Rolling In - 20 x 16 Oils

Winter Morning - 18 x 24 Oils

One that I wasn't expecting to display, but it was the gallery owner's favorite! My first charcoal pencil still life - 22 x 28 matted and framed (sorry the photo is so crooked...that would be my fault).

Good music...

Love this wall!!!

It is a humbling experience to meet and greet art enthusiasts who are admiring your work. I was quick to tell them that I am the new kid on the block, and if I can do it, they can too!

Back to my homework...talk to you soon!

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