Thursday, January 20, 2011

And the academic insanity begins...

Biology and fast track Psychology/Human Growth & Development. Ten hours. WHAT WAS I THINKING.......

Just logging in and looking at the courses, I am completely overwhelmed and hardly know where to begin. My BloggerDash will surely suffer this semester...just a heads up and my time will most likely be limited here. I am almost certain that my 4.0 is toast, or maybe I'll surprise myself and figure this stuff out a little better than I think I will.

But at this point and time, I'm praying just to pass these classes. If I end up with B's or C's, I'll take it and run.

Being sick and in bed most of the time is not helping. I'm weak and exhausted and just wish I could function as normal. I'm having many more bad days than good days, and that is not how I wanted to start 2011. This year must be better than last. It has to be somehow.

I'll write more later. Just really tired right now. Gonna take meds, a hot shower, and then dive into a Psychology marathon.

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Teresa said...

Speaking from personal experience, YOU CAN DO IT! I went to school full time (anatomy, physiology, etc) and worked full time - plus overtime at work - so just stay focused and keep your determination. You will find a way to keep that 4.0 (or VERY close to it!) I graduated last Sept with a 3.9 GPA! Good luck to ya! Love reading your blog!