Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm going to have a niece and she's due the week of my birthday! WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stress, Grace, & Gratefulness

Things have been kinda crazy lately...stressful...but finding grace and gratefulness in every day.

Internet is down at home, so I'm currently at a WIFI spot watching the last of 33 trapped Chilean miners come up the rescue shaft. An absolute miracle that will go down in history. I don't even know what else to say...I'm sitting here in tears about to choke on my salad, fighting back the urge to break down into ugly sobs. He's out, alive, walking, and hugging a cheering crowd. They survived 69 days underground! Praise the Lord!!!

How am I supposed to follow that? All other news pales in comparison right now, that's for sure. Here ya go anyway:

I have an A+ in history and finished 2 weeks early in an already fast-track course. Next history class starts on the 18th and I plan to finish that one early as well. I have a Sociology CLEP exam scheduled for December. I have no idea what I'm taking next semester, and don't feel like thinking about it right now.

I've been dealing with some undue stress at school, and it is clear to me that I no longer belong. I regret accepting a club officer position this year, and will give it up at an appropriate time. When my positive feelings are lost in the shadows of negativity around me, I know it's time to go. It brings me pain to see apathy, drama, and hurt as a result of one's own actions, and know that I can't do a darn thing to fix the problem. I love the place and people, but my tolerance for B.S. is officially below zero. I can be there, communicate till I'm blue in the face and strive to be a positive force, but I can't make people care about themselves or others (whichever shoes fits). I've gone from being angry about it to being sad but there's no use in either of those feelings, so I'm trying to let it go and move on. Since having to switch to a part time college schedule, however, I'm there for another year and a half before I can transfer. So...all I can do is my best, and a few things are certain - I will stand my ground and continue to be real, I will not apologize for caring, and I will not let this take away my utmost thankfulness for the past year of college or for those who have impacted me in a positive way. I will always love them dearly and be grateful for their contribution to my life. I believe they know who they are.

It also pains me to see people being mistreated and taken advantage of, and not being able to say or do anything about it without looking like the troublemaker. What I would give to bring the whole truth into the spotlight...I just don't know. All I can say is mean people suck, and they are everywhere. I swear I can't win...can't get away from them no matter where I go. I thought junior high school was over but it turns out that some people never grow up. It's not just their loss, unfortunately...everyone suffers as a result. I have told God that I don't know how to deal with it or what to do about it, but I ask for wisdom and strength to persevere in spite of it.

My art is all over the place. I'm still working on my color pencil still life from the summer semester. I have limited feeling and use of my hands, so it is taking a very long time to complete. I have put nearly 50 hours into it and have at least 15 or 20 more. I've also done several acrylic and mixed media abstract pieces...something new for me and out of my comfort zone, but very freeing. I've donated three of them to local charity auctions. My first watercolor is also in progress. I look forward to adding all of these pieces to my online portfolio soon. Commissions are available so feel free to inquire.

Teaching is going ok, but two of my locations have shut down, which is bad news. Things are also winding down due to the holidays, so I'm grateful to have my family's support especially during this time. I wouldn't have a darn thing in my fridge (or a fridge at all) if it wasn't for them. I do not take it for granted!

I'm getting around fairly well since upping my electrolytes again. I'm still not in official recovery mode but hope to be there soon. I am extremely swollen (look and feel like a cow right now) and I continue to pop/pull/tear muscle and cartilage in my back and chest. I am in terrible pain but can't do a thing about it as I don't/can't take pain meds. I was recently given a prescription for Zanaflex and decided to take one last night. I had a HypoK-related reaction to it and experienced respiratory distress for 2 to 3 hours. I knew what was happening and made sure that I stayed awake and aware in case I needed to go to the ER. I propped up on pillows and had to make a conscious effort to breathe, and it was labored and painful. I managed to swallow a potassium chloride pill to try to counteract the weakening of my esophagus. Not sure if it helped but the attack eventually subsided. So the Zanaflex is definitely a no-go, and I'm back on Flexeril which is mild and almost useless. I finally heard from the MDA and will be applying for medical care advocacy ASAP.

My current charity project for Ronald McDonald House is at a stand-still until they finish the new house, which is expected to be in November. I donated 14 pillows, and a friend has donated 4. Still needing 10 more, so if anyone is interested in this project, please see my charity blog for details on how you can donate.

The two ladies who won my recent giveaway, thank you for your patience in receiving your gifts. It may be another couple of weeks before I can get them to you, but you'll get them...promise!

Please say a prayer for my brother who is having surgery Friday. I will be staying with him until he is well enough to kick me out of his house. :)

Love to to you soon.


Friday, October 8, 2010

MDA Update

After months of trying to get a response from the MDA, I finally heard from someone in Flowood, MS. She immediately mailed me a packet of info to fill out. I received it today and will send it back to them next week. Hoping and praying that I will receive some assistance in finding proper medical care before I end up bed-bound or in a wheelchair again.

I have seen some improvement since increasing (again) my potassium and magnesium intake. I am functioning fairly well but still having daily episodes, some worse than others. Just taking life one day at a time...that's all I can do. That's all we all can do, right?

Keep on keeping on...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark My Words...The Next Wayne Brady

I have needed some humor lately, so when I found this, I found GOLD! It is IMPOSSIBLE not to crack up at this song. He's SO SERIOUS...reminds me of Wayne Brady or Kenan Thompson...just too funny!!! I have hurt myself laughing over it...ENJOY!