Saturday, November 6, 2010

FYI Bloggers

Hello my good peeps, just a note that I have noticed some of you have chosen to lock your blog. That's cool because I've done it at times myself. However, if the blog world doesn't have permission to read your stuff, just an FYI that I will no longer have you linked on my blog. It just doesn't make sense to promote you if you're not going to let people read. Same goes for those who have abandoned their blogs/websites.

So over the next several days, I am going down my BloggerDash as I do each year, and deleting those who have locked or abandoned their blogs. I get over a thousand hits a month. That's not much to many of you, but it is to me and I want to make sure that those I promote actually have something to be read.

Thanks for understanding.

Hope all is well with everyone! Still playing the kidney stone game 'round here...unfortunately. But I'm hanging in there. Lots of updates from me coming soon.


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