Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Mania!!!

Oh, how I love love love babies. LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD.

My sister is expecting, and I am so excited to FINALLY be an Aunt. We're thinking it will be a boy, which is awesome, but I'll take either. :) And equally as awesome is that the baby is due the week of my birthday. YES!!! I just hope she and her hubby will move closer to home so we'll get to enjoy this little one. *thinking happy thoughts*

I also have seven...that's right...SEVEN COUSINS now expecting. Holy baby boom, Batman...that's a lot of babies on the way in this family. My little sis announced that she's not drinking the local water, and promptly took her butt back to college. HAHA. Funny stuff.

Even funnier is that she is having morning sickness. Not my pregnant sis...the baby sis! And my blood sugar has been nutty for the past couple months...spiking, then plummeting, back and forth to the point of passing out. Sick as a dog. And even my brother has been ill with his stomach lately. All the while, preggo-sista is feeling absolutely FABULOUS! HA!!! How crazy is that? Gotta love it.

I'm also super duper happy for my friend Linda, who is expecting her first child. She has already recruited me as a babysitter and she's not due till May 1st. Hee! I cannot WAIT to have a little red-headed baby to snuggle with. :)

I've informed everyone that since I cannot have children, I get to spoil theirs by default. Just sayin'.

HOORAY FOR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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