Sunday, August 8, 2010

The College Chapter of Life

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So now, I have finished the summer semester at MGCCC and my final drawing class. I will take two history classes in the fall (it will be the easiest semester of my life) and contemplate what to do next. I'm at a crossroads again for health and financial reasons, and I don't really know where I'm headed. I'm praying that whatever I end up doing, that it will be the right decision.

As for my last day of school on Friday, it was quiet and uneventful. I worked on my final which had to be turned in for grading. It is unfinished but due to the semester being so short, my teacher graciously graded everyone's finals based on the work that was done, knowing that we would finish them eventually. I've put around 40 hours into the piece already, and I am so happy that it has turned out pretty well so far. I hope that I don't screw it up when I put in the last 15 or 20 hours.

There were only a few of us in the room that day, and our teacher's visit was very brief. He walked over to my table, looked at the project, and said "That's so cool".

He's lucky I didn't cry on him.

A few minutes later, everyone left as I wrapped up my incomplete drawing as best as I could. I packed up my stuff and put it away (will go back next week to pick it up along with my project), and then stopped and sat down back down for a while. I burst into big fat ugly tears and thanked God for allowing me to be there for the past year. I prayed a blessing over the place and the people that I grew to know and care for. I prayed for God to guide my classmates as they move on. I asked God to bless my teacher and his family in every way. I prayed out loud. That isn't something that I often do, but I felt lead to do so and being completely alone in the studio gave me that opportunity. As I turned out the lights and shut the door, I cried my guts out and thanked God again for giving me this experience and for helping me to finally make it through the Drawing and Design classes at JC that I had dreamed of since I was a teenager at Pascagoula High School.

I remember going to the college many times over the years, looking in the window of that studio and wishing I could be in there...wondering if it would ever happen. Finally, over 12 years later, I was there. Living the dream. It was incredibly hard at times, as I knew it would be health-wise, but I tried my very best and I hope that I've somehow made my friends, my family, and my teacher proud.

I'm overwhelmed. Relieved. Sad. Exhausted.

And more grateful than words can say.

A cluttered mess of art supplies in my house = Hundreds of dollars
Four semesters of college = Thousands of dollars
Three surgeries during two of those semesters = Tens of thousands of dollars
The places, the people, the experience, and fulfilling a life-long wish of learning how to be an artist in spite of financial and physical disability = PRICELESS

May I never stop learning for the rest of my days.

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