Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Definitions of Grace

I survived my third full time semester of college, and I am finally, officially a Sophomore. And not only did I survive, I managed a 4.0 GPA. I have no problem admitting that this was undeserved, though, as two of my instructors went above and beyond to make sure that I did well in their classes.

One teacher kept in touch via email and extended her deadlines for me, and I was able to bring my grade up from a 70 to a 92 at the 11th hour. Holy come-back-of-the-century, Batman. In another class, I managed to raise my grade from a C to a B but my teacher curved it to an A. And let me just say that he must have played baseball in his youth, because that was one heck of a curve ball. Of course he doesn't acknowledge it, so all I can do is say thanks and move on. I'll find him on campus and give him a hug someday.

Funny thing is, neither one of these teachers have met me in person. The classes were online. They didn't know me, or my character, or how sick I was (other than the casual mention of it via email). Yet they trusted in me, were patient with my worrisome emails, and showed me mercy in such a difficult time in my life, knowing that they'd probably never even hear from me again after the end of the semester.

That, my friends, is a definition of grace.

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