Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Daze...

...not to be confused with School Days. Then again, they are one in the same right now. Craziness! This past week was Spring Break, but it didn't feel like much of a break as I had so much to do. I didn't go out of town like I wanted to, but I did take a few days off to sleep late and celebrate my birthday...thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone!

So school...yeah. What a realm of insanity it has been this semester, but I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel (let's hope it's not that proverbial train everybody talks about) and my grades have improved, thank God. I am still struggling with Physical Science, but my teacher (have I mentioned that he's the FUNNIEST MAN EVER AND I HEART HIM?) is being very understanding and even says I am one of his best students *SNORT* ...surely he jests! Surely. I'll be very lucky to end that class with a B minus...that's what I'm hoping for. Mr. M is great though and I wish he could teach all of my college classes (except the art ones...I would very much like to keep my art teacher too, please and thank you)...

Speaking of art, I thought I would share one of my design projects. It is a Photoshop illustration that focuses on texture. I mentioned it a while back to a few friends and they are curious as to how this thing turned out. So, here's a preview...

I obviously still have some cleaning up to do, but this is the gist of it...an illustration to go along with a poem that a young lady wrote in her English class. We did not get to choose the poem...it was random selection. Well lucky me, I ended up with a poem about sex. (This is the part where you laugh hysterically. Yes, let's have the celibate prude illustrate sex. That's a GREAT idea...)

OK, I'M A BIG GIRL...but yes I had to chuckle. I could see my friends doubled over laughing at the irony. I get picked on fairly regularly as it is, so I knew this was a field day for my peeps (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty). :) Would I be less of a prude if I was in a serious relationship? Of course! I will admit that I am very awkward in general and I will also admit that it's a self-esteem issue, but sex is something that I take seriously in the long run, which is why I don't have it. It is sacred and meant to be shared in love. Again, that's LOVE. Not because I'm bored, not because my buddies are doing it, not selfish lust. LOVE. The real deal. So call me an awkward prude, but this is the mindset that I have purposely instilled in myself as a single woman, because I believe that it is the right thing [for me] to do.

Okie dokie?

Okie dokie.

So...the illustration! While this poem is not my genre of writing, it is intriguing, well written, and I give kudos to the young lady who had the boldness to write it. I can't share the poem with you because I don't have permission, but here is my description of the illustration:

Fantasm is about a woman’s dream of a dangerous one night stand with her polar opposite. The illustration shows the woman looking in her bedroom mirror to find a foggy, undefined image of a man. Her hand is touching the mirror (in close proximity to her lover’s heart...which wasn’t planned but I like it!) in anticipation. I purposely did not give a face to either character, because it forces the viewer to analyze it on a more personal level (Is it your face, perhaps? What if this was your dream? Who is the man in the mirror?), which creates further intrigue.

The colors have symbolic value. I originally planned to draw the woman nude, but I failed miserably so she’s wearing a gown, which I think worked out for the best. The color red represents danger, passion, and seduction, all of which fit perfectly with this piece. I knew from the beginning that I would make her bedroom walls dark blue. The symbolism of dark blue is very ironic – those of us who were alive in the 70’s and 80’s may remember that dark blue was the color of happiness and being in love. And in the world of art therapy, blue is consider an anti-depressant. However, in the TV and film industry, dark blue is a symbol of fear, loneliness, and despair (the greatest example of the use of these colors as symbolism is a movie that I have great appreciation for, the modern musical Moulin Rouge). I felt that this was the perfect background color for this illustration, as the poem describes a temporary, false sense of happiness (“gloomy smiles”, “morning boasted a lie”).

I was hoping to meet the writer of the poem before finishing the illustration, but did not get the chance. I did see her, however, so I decided to change the woman to have long, brown hair. Forgive me for my extreme lack of experience with computer-based illustration...this was my maiden voyage. The poem challenged me as it is not my genre of writing, but I certainly appreciate it for what it is and I give much applause to the writer. I hope that my visual interpretation has done it some level of justice.

Alrighty...well I know the quality of the illustration leaves much to be desired, but I am happy with the overall idea. I just hope the young lady that the finished piece will go to is not disappointed.

In other news, I am very relieved that my grade in Computer Applications has improved greatly, as I got an A in Excel and Powerpoint. WHEW!!! That class has been so much more stressful than it should be and I will be glad when it's over! And finally, English Comp II is going well and I have an A+.

So I'm in the last 5 weeks...the 7th inning stretch, so to speak. I'll take whatever I can get but I'm really hoping to end up with 3 A's and a B. That's a long shot, but possible at this point. Wish me luck...I definitely need it!!!

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