Saturday, December 5, 2009

You know you're gettin' old when... (TMI warning)

...your surgeon is younger than you!!! O_o

Yep, he's a BABY! In training...a nice guy and I will be his guinea pig very soon. The biopsy was not successful (WHY DID THEY REFUSE TO TELL ME THAT OVER THE PHONE THREE WEEKS AGO?!?!?!?!?!?) so they are going to do it again during surgery via D&C. I will have three procedures total.

1. Remove all polyps (small tumors) from my endometrium; 2. D&C (remove the lining, send to Pathology for biopsy); 3. Endometrial ablation (destroys the inside of the uterus...hopefully for good).

It's not guaranteed to work, but they claim to have a great deal of success and all three docs I've discussed it with said that this is a much better and safer route than a hysterectomy, especially since I am high risk. They all said with no hesitation that this is the best choice for me at this point and time.

So it's a done deal. Three procedures in one, but considered minor. The risks are still there of course but I was so happy to hear that I would not have a laproscopy, which means no staples!!! That has always been the worst part of lapro/arthro surgery for me, believe it or not. They expect me to recover quickly and be back in full swing within a week or so.

This is something that they can usually schedule quickly, but they are so backed up with surgeries right now that they can't get me in until January. Thankfully, they were able to schedule it so that I'll only miss the first week of school (assuming there are no complications). So despite the terrible pain, I'm relieved that I'm not gonna miss finals this semester.

Family/Local Friends: I will need someone to drive me there and home (of course), and someone to sit with me for about a day. They think I'll be up and around on my own in 24 to 48 hours. Would greatly appreciate a volunteer to put up with me during this time. :) Also, please note that my mother does not know and is not to be told. She will hear about it when I see fit. Thank you for your cooperation.

And I am so thankful for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I love you peeps!



sarah bess said...

May God guide the docs, Kelli. All the best!

Too Many Hats said...

I am glad some decisions have been made and you can start making plans and feel better soon.

Helene said...

It sounds like you're moving forward in the right direction. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.