Sunday, May 17, 2009

Watching the storm

Outside my window, it's coming down in white sheets. Tis the season of flash floods for us on the Gulf Coast. The wind is incredible...looks like a hurricane outside. I imagine we're under a tornado watch, if not a warning. Needless to say, I'm not dragging my doubled over self out of this bed and driving an hour north to the hospital today, and not asking anyone else to drive me either. No change so far, but I've managed to sit up long enough to eat a few snacks and take a few meds. I'm not on the heavy stuff, at least not so far. I took one mepergan yesterday and haven't taken a pain pill since. I try to go without prescription drugs if at all possible, because I really hate taking them. I'm sure my kidneys appreciate it.

I'll be on the doc's doorstep tomorrow asking for the shot that the nurse said they would give me. If they turn me away due to lack of funds, I'll go downstairs to the E.R. If nothing else, they can give me some pain relief and an iron supplement, which I no doubt need right now. And they can refer me to a place where I can get some help. I need a permanent solution to this, whatever it takes.

Wow, the rain is getting harder. I expect to lose power anytime now. Will update later if I can get back on.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yikes... I am going back through your blog reading up on your story.. and hoping you feel better soon!