I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Monday, May 18, 2009

Home from the hospital

The stupid uterus is at it again. One shot of zofran and two shots of morphine back to back barely fazed me...I must be some kind of freak.

Very tired and in pain but I will hopefully be feeling better soon. Doc appointment Wednesday if they agree to see me. If not, I will ask them to refer me to a local university health clinic, as per my E.R. doc who suggested it. After hearing my history with and seeing how it debilitates me, he didn't hesitate to throw the word hysterectomy out there. If it's offered, I'm going to say yes. I'll know more after Wednesday.

I appreciate the love and prayers, friends. This has been a long road, and it's nowhere near over. Your messages and well wishes make a difference, and I thank you.