Friday, May 15, 2009

Doc update

He said going to the ER was optional and they may not be much help other than pain meds which I already have. I'm scheduled for a sonagram and another shot next week, and he wants to do a D&C asap.

This is, of course, depending on whether or not they will actually treat me. I told them I had no money and the nurse said to come in anyway. So we'll see.

I'm just sick of this and want it to be OVER, whatever it takes.


GinaMarie said...

I hope they can help your bleeding and get it stopped! AND get your pain under control!! I've had D&C's. I hope you feel better soon!!

Gina Marie

The Burk Family said...

Have you ever read "God's Creative Power for Healing" By Charles Capps?

A couple of months before Serenity was born God put this book into my hands. I set it up on a shelf, never realizing how much I would one day need it.

After Serenity was admitted to the PICU. My family brought me up some supplies, which included my bible and you guess it... that book. The prayers written in it inspired the prayers we spoke over Serenity.

Basically it's just healing scriptures put into prayer form. God's creative power actually refers to our confession and how the word of God plays a part in that!

I often give away copies of the book. If you are interested but don't have the money to buy one, just let me know and I'll send you one. You can also go to Charles Capps website and purchase one.
The one I give away is the leather bonded gift collection. It also contains God's Creative Power for finances.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention it. It helped us out tremendously!

Email me your address @ if you want me to send you one.


Juls said...

hang in there girl. You got my prayers.