Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A turn for the worse. This is TMI, boys. Fair warning.

I'm up this morning for the third time, attempting to function a little. Last night after my meeting with Art With Heart, I was struck with a sudden migraine. Not a gradual one at all. It was like a switch was turned on, and I became instantly debilitated. I was trying to figure out what triggered it, but now I know and I would appreciate your prayers concerning a relapse in this specific condition.

I've been putting off major surgery for as long as possible with the help of progestin suspension therapy. I no longer have the money to pay for it, so I had to get off of it and now...this. I have to figure out what in the world to do. My only options, medically speaking, are to get back on the therapy somehow (I'm a couple hundred short of this so financially speaking, it's not an option), or go to the emergency room, beg for mercy, and let them do whatever they say needs to be done even if that means major surgery.

Strangely enough, at the prayer service I attended Sunday night, a man approached me and prayed for me specifically for this condition, even though he had no idea that I had it and we had never met before. Bold of him to even bring up a female medical condition, right? But that tells you that God spoke to him because there really is no other explanation whatsoever. He is a complete stranger and I don't even know his name. Anyway, he prayed and within seconds, a group of people were praying around me as well, specifically for my healing. I came home, and began having symptoms that I have not had in over two years. I couldn't help but say to myself that this was ridiculous, since people had just prayed for my healing so why in the world was I suddenly having these symptoms. If it was a headache or something, people would be tempted to tell me that it's all in my head (ahaha...ok that was a lowsy pun). But folks, you can't fake uterine hemorrhaging. It's safe to say at this point that not only am I under physical attack, but spiritual as well. Not everyone believes that the two intertwine, but it's pretty darn obvious to me. I've been here and done this before, many many times, and frankly, I'm mad as heck that it is happening again. Not mad at anyone or anything, just mad in general.

I don't really know what to do, besides pray of course. I have zero dollars. I'm actually in the red, if I want to get technical about it. Very much in the red. So while I am praying for God's intervention and believe wholeheartedly that he can fix this, I am absolutely debilitated and have to figure out what to do, medically speaking. A couple hundred dollars will put me back on therapy, thus temporarily correcting the issue again, but I don't have a dime. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that.

I took a flexeril, tramadol, and 1/4 phenergan last night when it hit. I laid down for a couple hours, then got back up to drink fluids. Back to bed, then back up a few hours later. I've been up ever since, making every effort to function, but it's not going well. I just brought out the demerol and phenergan, and while it has taken the edge off, I'm still in pain and can barely sit up. I'm going to miss my meeting today unless something drastically changes.

Please pray that God will intervene, because I know he can. If it continues, please pray that I will find a solution asap.

Thanks so much.

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