I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be,
but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.
— Douglas Pagels

Monday, April 6, 2009

This weekend...

2 am, up drinking fluids and dealing with my newly-acquired sunburn. Ouch.

Yesterday was exhausting, but fun. We had an incredible crowd, and the wait in line was up to an hour and a half before the Sheriff's office finally had to shut it down and tell people to go home. I have no idea how many faces I painted...it was just chaos. We had a good time, though. Pics and video coming soon.

Today was horrendous. Due to being ill, I arrived late to Pass Christian, and had to leave early. I was nearly in tears the whole time, and completely useless. Didn't paint one face. Just sat, took up donations, handed out fliers, and got sunburned. I actually had to stop at a rest area because I was sick while driving. Never again am I gonna let myself make a commute like that in such misery.

Later this morning, I will call the local charity clinic and see if they can treat my condition. If not, I will call my doc and ask for an emergency appointment. If that doesn't work out, I will have to consider the emergency room.

Off to put aloe on my neck, face, and arms. Then back to bed. I appreciate your prayers and comments here and elsewhere. Will reply asap.