Saturday, April 18, 2009

Post-Doc Update

I saw my regular OBGYN today, thanks to a couple of friends who paid part of the bill so that the office would reschedule me. I shuffled in and Dr. V was clearly concerned since the first words out of his mouth were "OMG what's wrong???" I've gotten to the point where my illness(es) are showing. There are times when I don't really "look sick", but my recent decline has become painfully obvious.

I brought him up to date, and he wants to run tests. Considering that I have no money, the tests are probably not happening. We'll see.

I received a much needed hormone injection, and will be sick for three or four days until my body adjusts to it. It's miserable but certainly worth it. The only other option is a total hysterectomy, and again, my finances prevent that from being considered at the moment. So I just have to figure out how to pay for these injections every 11 weeks until I am to a place where my doc and I are both willing to do surgery. He asked me again about having kids, in the minute chance that it were even possible, and I reminded him that my body is too disabled to even consider it. And I refuse to pass my horrendous genes on to a child. That is, if I could conceive, and if a child actually survived in my womb...both of which are highly unlikely. Completely unlikely, since I've been happily celibate for 6 years and have no intention of ever, EVER changing that. EVER. The end.

So there is your TMI for the day, kids. :)

So now I'm in bed again but should be feeling significantly better in a week. Not counting the pulled muscles, migraines, and Periodic Paralysis, of course. Those need attention all their own, and I'm still waiting for a response from the Muscular Dystrophy Association about a referral. I will call them again Monday morning.

I know that there are people praying for me, and I appreciate it so much. I am blessed in spite of my circumstances, and I won't forget that.

Happier blog posts coming soon. :)


Amy B said...

I am praying non stop for you. I know you are feeling discouraged and frustrated. It is hard enough to be sick and add to that to not be able to get anyone to help you...I wish there was something I could do to help you.
Thinking of you..
Email me if you need to talk..vent..or just share..

Juls said...

this is just wrong...for all of the people who abuse the medical system ...go for every small thing--to feed drug addictions, etc...

and you are in desperate need...and cannot get the health care you need. This saddens me..

I wish I could help...I'm praying. Your strength is a true testament.. Hang in there girl!