Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling better in some ways, not in others...

Despite my rant, I'm not having a horrible day. Challenging, yes. Frustrating, most definitely. But I have managed to stay out of bed and get some things done. Mainly...TAXES! Yes! What a relief to get that out of the way, and an even bigger relief is that I don't OWE! I ended up being too far in the red to have to pay in. Ha! Blessing in disguise? Sure is, considering that I don't have a dime to spare.

So getting that done and knowing that I will get a few dollars (and I do mean a few) back from the IRS eventually put me in a better mood. Next on the agenda is to fill out my FAFSA and pray for a full pell grant for the fall. If I can get into school somewhere and finish my freshman year, that will be quite an accomplishment. I'm in terrible health and I don't know how I'll handle it, but I'm gonna try my best. I'm still debating on my major, but I'll eventually figure it out.

Still sick and in a ton of pain, but I think I will feel better if I can just get some REAL SLEEP. I took meds a few hours ago, added Tylenol PM to the mix as suggested by one of my former physicians, and I'm finally very drowsy. I'm hoping and praying that I'll actually get a decent night's rest. We'll see.

Tomorrow and Friday, I will focus on my class plans. I am supposed to teach Saturday, and I have seven students confirmed so far...waiting on a couple more RSVPs. It's gonna be a great class if I can just get through it, physically speaking. God, please give me strength. I can't do this without you.

My friend Suzy from NY sent me a news video of a Bob Ross Tribute party that happened in NY recently. What a HOOT! Dancers and all...haaaa! Wish I could have attended this Bob-fest...looks like a blast:

Just sent the video to my pals at the official Bob Ross Art Workshop in Florida. I wonder if any of them actually attended this event? Now that would be funny!

I want to return to NSB so badly. The place...the people...I miss so much!

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