Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here it is...the Helping Hands Project

The story of the hands:

The old glove factory in Moss Point, Mississippi recently burned to the ground. President of Art With Heart Mississippi, Linda Hill, went to the factory and discovered hundreds of ceramic hands that were used on the factory's assembly line. She asked what would be done with the hands, and she was told that they would be ground up and disposed of. So Linda and a few of her friends got together and rescued the hands!

My efforts:

I joined Art With Heart shortly after, and jumped into the Helping Hands Project. The hands are being cleaned and used in various art projects in Jackson County. I was given about a dozen hands, and have been designing themes for them to be converted to works of art which will be auctioned off to benefit Art With Heart's mission.

My first completed hand was given today to a high school senior who wants to major in Art Therapy in college. I signed the hand and had my photo taken with the student for his senior project. He now has the hand in his possession and will be raffling it off for Art With Heart! Isn't that cool?! I'm thrilled!

Here it first complete Helping Hand. :)

"Caught Red Handed Stealing My Heart..."

Ceramic, Paper Mache, Clay, and Acrylic

I love this project and can't wait to show you more. I have finished another hand, and have almost finished four others. Pics coming soon! :D


The Burk Family said...

Beautifully done Kelli! God has definitely blessed you with a talent! Can't wait to see more!

Juls said...

Wow, that's so beautiful! I love it... :)