Saturday, February 28, 2009

Workshop Recovery Mode - Activate

Due to the INSANE FLASH FLOOD that came outta nowhere, three of my students didn't show up. However, I still had seven students and we had a good time. It was hard to make it through the class and I couldn't seem to get my thoughts together, but my students encouraged me and told me that I was a great teacher. I love my students. :)

As usual, I can barely walk. My body hates me for doing any kind of activity, so teaching a four hour class and being on my feet for six really knocks me for a loop. There is no way that I could teach classes back to back, or even one day after the other. Every two weeks seems to be about all that I can handle, but I am in the process of adding another Saturday so that will have me teaching three times a month...twice at Hobby Lobby in Mobile and once at the Rec Center in Mississippi. Which Rec Center is still being determined, but it's looking like I will either move to Moss Point or resume in Pascagoula. I'm desperately behind on bills and can't afford basic necessities at this point, so I am praying that this will work out and that I will be able to physically do this. Ultimately, I need to teach four or five workshops a month. Maybe someday.

A bigger update is coming soon...probably tomorrow night. With pics. :)

But for now...nighty night.


Juls said...

Eeek, I'm sorry that you're not feeling so well. What exactly is your medical condition. I wanna buy some things from your shop for my giveaway. I loved the jewelry... Email me your address, so that I can send you your pay it forward gift.

Juls said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude when I asked about your medical health. I just re-read it, and it sounded quite intrusive, I'm forward that way some times. Totally none of my business.

Juls said...

Last one, I swear, I was going to follow your blog, but couldn't find where your little "follow" gadget was