Saturday, February 21, 2009

101 in 1001 update, and more...

#49 - Cook for Uncle Melvin


I made blueberry multigrain pancakes, eggs, and toast. He said it was very good. I've offered to make lunch also for the past couple days but he's getting around well and is pretty much doing his own thing. He prefers independence. The doc said his foot looks good, just swollen.

I was planning to volunteer at a church in Mobile today, but they never called or emailed me to schedule anything. So I've been working on my charity project. It's coming along very well and I'm about half done. Have to get a few supplies next Saturday before I can finish, but it will be done by early March.

Hard to believe March is almost here already. My birfday is right around the corner.

Yes, I said birfday. I was influenced by In Living Color as a child. I also use the line "Homey don't play that" more often than I would like to admit.

But you didn't hear that from me, mmmk?

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David John Caswell said...

Dear Kelli,
Let me be the first to wish you a very happy birthday. Have you got long to wait? Are you doing anything special?
Are you going to watch the Oscars later? I hope Kate Winslet wins one! I have been a fan of her's since she starred in Titanic.
David x