Friday, January 2, 2009

101 in 1001

January 1, 2009 – September 30, 2011

1. Drink 64 oz water per day
2. Learn to sew
3. Make blankets and pillows for charity
4. Make 100 homemade cards for the troops per year
5. Learn to draw
6. Put a significant dent in college education
7. Obtain Bob Ross florals certification
8. Learn acrylic painting
9. Have a booth at a fair or festival
10. Organize friend and family snail mail addresses, birthdays, etc.
11. Organize a schedule with help from MS Outlook
12. Clean out all email inboxes
13. Develop my chicken recipe book and prepare for publishing
14. Try 40 new (already published) recipes (not counting my own book)
15. Organize my craft drawers
16. Clean out my car, including vacuum and shampoo
17. Do an abstract painting
18. Reach goal of 145 lbs
19. Do physical therapy at home twice a week
20. Go to a Troy game with my sister(s)
21. Keep in touch with loved ones via internet or snail mail
22. Send out a thank you card when I receive a gift
23. Limit coca-colas to no more than one per week
24. Check cholesterol once a year
25. Take supplements daily
26. Use Listerine daily
27. Take a Spanish class
28. Visit Mobile Museum of Art
29. Make Christmas cards (since I do own a Christmas rubber stamp – duh Kelli)
30. Eliminate all but one credit card
31. Organize my hard files…bills, receipts, mail, etc.
32. Go through closet twice a year and donate to Penelope House
33. When able, prepare food in larger quantities and freeze for reheating later
34. Utilize my library privileges by going there and READING STUFF
35. Read a devotional or Bible study at least once a week
36. Finish at least two manuscripts
37. Learn enough HTML to make my website look the way I want it to
38. Get involved in a local church or ministry
39. Write an article on nutrition or alternative medicine
40. Organize my computer files
41. Submit a painting or photograph in an art show
42. Get friends together for a game night
43. Learn to make my own smoothies
44. Learn to make guacamole
45. Start walking with a pedometer
46. Get back into the habit of documenting my meals
47. Keep track of my calorie intake
48. Make gourmet chocolates with Tyler
49. Cook for Uncle Melvin
50. Make Lemon Blossoms for Aunt Dema
51. Learn how to make my family’s infamous gumbo
52. Sort through storage boxes and get rid of anything that isn’t useful or sentimental
53. Finish paintings for the Chicago Tribute charity show
54. Attend an Alabama Crimson Tide football game
55. Do a VLOG for my website in each season of the year in 2009
56. Attend the annual Mobile Chili Cookoff for the American Cancer Society
57. Attend the 2009 Mobile Chocolate Festival for Penelope House
58. Attend the annual Greek Fest for Penelope House
59. Paint with Bob’s 3 Hour Workshop DVD
60. Find more icons for my LiveJournal
61. Donate VCR and movie(s) to Penelope House
62. Become a baby name consultant on LivePerson
63. Learn to handle raw shrimp without feeling queasy
64. Learn to make bread using an oven (not a breadmaker)
65. Do-over of the corn chowder (and don’t burn it this time)
66. Freeze or give away leftovers to avoid wasting
67. Put all unused beauty products on ebay (it’s not like I ever wear them anymore)
68. Have someone show me how to hook up my wireless router and cable TV (because I am shameful for not knowing how)
69. Manage sugar intake to the point where I have no diabetic-related symptoms
70. Save aluminum and plastics for my cousin to pick up and recycle
71. Put aside cash for emergency situations
72. Find a way to pay for the renewal of my flickr account and domain at when the time comes
73. Set up my Bob Ross business on Excel to keep track of everything
74. Get every photo that I own uploaded and organized online
75. Make my own hypoallergenic bath products
76. Try a chia herb garden
77. Learn how to use my Pampered Chef cookie press
78. Write an essay about mental abuse
79. Have someone take video of me doing a painting demo
80. Get a better camera
81. Frame my best paintings for future public showings
82. Participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) each November
83. Post wanted ad for items for Penelope House on Craigslist and Freecycle
84. Schedule a meeting with a career advisor at a local college
85. Post a self-help or helpful tips blog once a month in 2009.
86. Donate a meal to a family who has lost a loved one.
87. Research cheese (yes, you read that right)
88. Make all Christmas gifts by hand
89. Make birthday cards (since I DO have the rubber stamps for it, after all)
90. Add more homemade stuff to my BluJay Charity Store
91. Post something funny on my website every week
92. Discover something new in my neck of the woods each year
93. Start using coupons
94. Stock up on frozen food when it’s not hurricane season
95. Stock up on non-perishable food during hurricane season
96. Check on my friends and family, online and offline, more regularly
97. Learn how to file my own taxes so I don’t have to pay a preparer
98. Download musicmatch jukebox to organize my music CDs and mp3 files
99. Write four reviews (food, product, music, etc) each year
100. Document Pascagoula’s recovery post Hurricane Katrina
101. Count my blessings

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