Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just got back from Hobby Lobby. My all day demonstration is set for December 20th. My first workshop is scheduled for January 17th! Weeeeeeeee!

I am very lucky to land this position. Why? Because their current acrylics instructor is also Bob Ross certified, but chooses not to teach it. You should have seen the shock on my face when the class coordinator told me that. Anyway, she asked me to bring a painting to display in the store, and be ready to demo on the 20th! I am so there!


Mare said...

YAY Kelli! Show em your stuff! This is wonderful news! Congratulations!!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- always love to make a new bloggy friend:) Why oh why is there no Hobby Lobby anywhere near me? I hear such great things about it.