Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok I didn't lay down... least not yet. But be assured, I'm curled up as I type and my head is ready to hit the pillow. But first, a recap of today...crossposted from one of my other blogs.

I painted happy trees ALL DAY LONG at Hobby Lobby today. I am so exhausted, even my pinky toes hurt, but what a blast. It was neat to be in the front of the store, in the middle of all of the chaos, and watch busy people stop in their tracks to see what I was painting. Sometimes I would sense someone behind me, turn around, and a little boy or girl would be standing there in awe of what I was doing. Kids were dragging their parents over to my corner all day, and were sad to leave. I heard one kid whine loudly "Nooooooo! I wanna watch da lady paint!!!" HA! It was sweet! I had similar responses from Bob fans...those who knew exactly who I was representing the minute they saw my work. Some took a nearby chair (that was on display, for sale LOL) and sat down by me and watched me paint. We talked Bob. We talked painting. Five people registered for my class on the spot. About two dozen others took my info and said they would be back. So even though I feel like I've been run over, it's so worth it. My first class is already half full, with almost a month left for people to register. Not a bad start, and I wish I had scoped out the Mobile market months ago. So between Mobile and Pascagoula, I have four classes scheduled for January!

I'm so relieved that it went well...thank you Lord. I didn't run into any problems at all (except for the little boy who put his hand on Blue Winter, thus resulting in a new lovely blue-stained hand...haaaa!), and my migraine had thankfully subsided the day before. I also finally met one of my internet buddies and his adorable wife and son. Super fabulously nice people, and they blessed me more than they know.

So now I can put painting aside for a couple weeks and get back to unpacking. Can you feel the excitement? Still gotta get those bags of stuff to Penelope House Domestic Violence Shelter too...hopefully their drop off location won't be closed again next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Vlog coming soon if I can get my camera to cooperate. Nighty night.

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Mare said...

Hi Kelli! Sounds like a great day! People love to watch artists at work. if i bring my jeweler's tools into my daughter store, or my knitting, folks always stop and ask questions and watch. I do that too! Who knows how many people you inspired!??