Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few paintings...

Saturday's class painting - sorry it's blurry. My camera is a punk. This is our super duper wintery cold painting of the year. It is done with only white, black, and Prussian blue.

This is blurry AND crooked...sorry. This is what is considered Bob's standard with clouds, mountains, foothills, water, foreground, evergreens, colorful doubt inspired by the years he spent in Alaska. This was done quickly as practice for my upcoming demo. It looks a little washed out here. Must get new camera.

The following has nothing to do with Bob. It's acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas, and it is my Christmas gift to my brothers. Seth (age 14) has a bedroom decorated in orange and blue. Layton (age 34) loves black and red. I also did a black and red one for my brother John (age 20). They are all serious gamers, with a specific appreciation for martial arts and Japanese animation. This is the symbol of peace. Sorry about the's from the not-quite-dry varnish.

Feel free to ask about prices and shipping if you are interested in a painting of your own. I will post some of my more detailed paintings (as opposed to the ones that I teach beginners) in the near future. I do landscapes and seascapes in wet on wet oil, and abstract and symbolic pieces in acrylics as shown above. All landscapes and seascapes are considered original pieces due to the nature of the wet on wet technique. Acrylic pieces are either original or limited and numbered. All pieces are signed and dated on the back.

So I got a lot accomplished today, even though I spent most of the morning in bed. Tomorrow I can focus on preparing for Saturday's class. I'm sure it will be a blast as always.

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Mare said...

WoW Kelli! You have been busy! I love the painting done in black, white and blue...amazing....